Frame/Rate Roulette: Nights into Dreams

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Please excuse some issues with levels in this video, we’re still working on getting it just right.

Okay, when I was a kid, I always wanted to play Nights. I can’t really tell you exactly why. I just found it very visually appealing, and was curious what it was all about. WELL NO MORE.

Raph and I got relatively tipsy and landed on Nights into Dreams. We quickly learned that we’re godawful at it, have no idea what we’re doing, and that we’re also REALLY stupid. In this 24 minute adventure, we struggle and thrash our way through the first level for about 15 minutes before realizing the game is, essentially, on rails. We kill Metroids with blue orbs, avoid time eggs, struggle with flight axes and planes, and generally do not understand what’s happening to us at any given time. Check it out?

My general and meaningless takeaway:
“I mean…come on, it’s cool! You got shit up there, shit down there, everything in between, it’s surreal. I like it a lot. I mean I suck at it, and I’ll never be good at, and it’s not my kinda game….”

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