Frame/Rate Roulette: Jagged Alliance Flashback

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In this episode, Raph and I end up delving into the uncomfortably sticky┬ájungles of Jagged Alliance Flashback! I don’t regret it, but you might.

This throwback to the Jagged Alliance series was developed by Full Control, and created after a successful Kickstarter campaign. At first blush, this looks like good news for Raph. He’s a longtime fan of the series. At second blush, I think this game is kind of a stinker. Typically I’m a fan of isometric strategy games, but I have a hard time getting behind this one. Watch me get really salty about goofy fog of war mechanics while we stab and shoot our way through small squads of inept bandits and mercenaries. Also, Raph sure knows a lot about this series.

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