Frame/Rate Roulette: Mystic Towers

We play as Baron Baldric, an old wizard with questionable hygiene, and equally questionable magical acumen. Our goal, which Raph has to remind me of at least three times, is to kill all of the monsters in the tower, and eliminate the spawner. But do we have enough sulfur and stink clouds? And why is so much of our magic green and smell-based? Only time will tell! (No it won’t.)


Frame/Rate Roulette: Nights into Dreams

Raph and I got relatively tipsy and landed on Nights into Dreams. We quickly learned that we’re godawful at it, have no idea what we’re doing, and that we’re also REALLY stupid. In this 24 minute adventure, we struggle and thrash our way through the first level for about 15 minutes before realizing the game is, essentially, on rails. We kill Metroids with blue orbs, avoid time eggs, struggle with flight axes and planes, and generally do not understand what’s happening to us at any given time.


Frame/Rate Plays: UnderRail

Raph and I make a foray into the turn-based action of UnderRail, a post-apocalyptic strategy game hearkening back to classics like Fallout 2 and Wasteland. We’re both big fans of this type of game, especially when it comes to character creation. Spoiler: we do not put points into tailoring. 


Frame/Rate Plays: Hybrid Heaven

In this installment of Frame/Rate Plays, I boot up Hybrid Heaven — a combination JRPG/brawler released for the N64. In this game, you struggle against cosmic forces to save the human race from a mysterious threat. What sets this game apart is its battle system — a unique blend of menu-based attacks in otherwise real-time combat with three-dimensional movement. A relatively niche game, Hybrid Heaven was an innovative take on industry-standard genres.